Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Episode 47: Home, Now!

Have a happy, safe Easter break everyone.

Episode 47


The quartette digested his words.
“You know what?” said Synch facing David and Will. “It could be David Buchanan or Ryan Sturges or you Will or you David or someone we haven’t even thought of who has it in for me.” His voice grew in volume. “I don’t care anymore. I’ve had enough. Take me home.”
“Settle down,” said David.
“Take me home now,” Synch demanded.
“We can’t do that while you’re a target,” said David.
“Now,” Synch repeated.
The detectives stared at Synch.
“What about Cindy?” said David.
Synch laced his fingers through hers.
“She comes with me, if she wants to,” said Synch looking at her for confirmation.
“That’s not what I meant,” said David.
Synch and Cindy frowned nutting out his meaning.
Synch’s eyes narrowed.
“I told you she’s honest,” said Synch.
Cindy looked down from under dark lashes and bit her bottom lip.
He stood up holding her hand firmly and helped her to her feet.
“Take us home now David or we’ll hitchhike,” said Synch.


By Diane L Wood

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  1. How sweet! I hope she IS a good girl...I'll be so upset if she isn't!