Sunday, April 12, 2009

Episode 48: Home - Safe!

Episode 48


David Finestra reported to his superiors as they sped along the highway toward Melbourne. No other words were spoken during the hour long trip.
Synchro didn’t care what either detective thought. He knew what he knew and it was time to trust his knowledge.
The four got out of the car at Synch’s place. His flat was at the front of a block of four ground level units.
“We’d like to check inside,” said David.
Synch thought it was unnecessary.
“You’ve been away over-night, long enough for someone to gain entry,” the detective added.
Synch saw his point and unlocked the door.
David and Will inspected the bedrooms, bathroom and did a quick scan out the back.
Nothing was amiss.
“If anything unusual happens, even an odd noise, call me,” said David.
Synch and Cindy had their backs to Will and didn’t see what he was doing. He was in the kitchen, at the bench, with his back toward to them.
“You have my mobile number in your speed dial,” David added. “Use it.”
Synch agreed and opened the front door. The detectives exchanged glances a triffle longer than they should have.
They took the hint and left.
Cindy and Synch watched through the window as the detectives drove off.
“You don’t need their protection,” she said turning to Synch.
Flowers. Yeah, she smelled lightly of some kind of flower. Must be her hair. And musk, natural musk. It was bringing his senses to life, and other things. He wanted to slowly undress her and kiss her all over starting with her left ear lobe.
“What do you mean?” he asked.
The back door banged open and smashed against the wall.
“David!” said Synch.


By Diane L Wood

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  1. I knew it! I never liked him! He wasn't even nice to his own mother, the creep!