Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pickleberry Bilby A Children's Story Book

A children's story with full color illustrations.
is the link if you'd like a peep.
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Next Book Coming Soon

Been keeping busy writing and illustrating. Next book, a children's story, should be available before Christmas.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rose: A True Lady

My first book is in print. Seven years of interviews, research, writing and editing and it's done.

Rose: A True Lady by Diane L Wood

is a biography of my maternal grandmother. She came close to death four times and refused to die. The story gives a glimpse of life from the early to late 1900s.

www.lulu.com made it simple to produce and is available from the website.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Episode 62: A Perfect Beginning

(The Last Episode.)

Episode 62


“I, ah, talk with them too,” Cindy said hesitantly.
“Ghosts? Spirits?” Synch corrected.
She nodded.
“Edith told me her son David murdered her.”
Synch’s eyebrows rose high.
“She said she felt an attack coming on while he was there and went to get her medication. He beat her to it and held it out of her reach. She begged him to give it to her. He wouldn’t. She tried to phone triple zero for help but David pulled the phone plug out of the wall. He watched her for hours as she became worse and eventually passed out. He waited a few more hours to be sure of her demise before calling an ambulance.”
“He told me he found her unconscious when he arrived,” said Synch. “That lying, murdering… low-life.”
“Karmic energies caught up with him rather quickly,” Cindy added.
“We’d better tell David Finestra,” he said.
“Why? David Buchanan is dead. Too late to charge him. And how can the dearly departed be a witness to a crime?”
Synch shrugged.
“Seems the right thing to do,” he said.
Cindy thought about it.
“I guess,” she shrugged and got up. “I’m starved. Let’s eat.” She uncovered the containers and microwaved them.
“You know how you can tell a person’s whole life story by looking at them,” Cindy began as they finished eating.
Synch knew what was coming.
“What exactly is in store for me?” she asked.
“Lots of things.” He was being evasive and scooped up the empty dishes. “Want a tea or coffee?” he said shoving the dishes in the dishwasher.
She followed him into the kitchenette.
“Is it that bad?” she said her forehead creased deeply.
He smiled a knowing smile.
“No. It’s very, very good.” He watched her relax.
“Then tell me,” she said and added. “Please.” She backed him up against the bench and closed the gap between their bodies. He loved the feel of her warm body against his and held her narrow waist.
“Well,” he had to trust himself, trust that what he saw in the future was correct. Sometimes part of him had doubts. But in his heart he knew it was correct. They’d only known each other a matter of weeks. How would she take it. She might be overjoyed, or, not. She might bolt unable to handle the fact that someone knows exactly what she’s in for. He understood how someone might feel their privacy had been invaded by him. He wondered how he’d feel if roles were reversed. Then it came to him. Her future was set. No matter what he told her it wouldn’t change her future.
Their arms loosely encircled each other.
“How do you feel about me?” It was a starting point.
He watched the smile spread across her face.
“Like I’ve known you all my life.” Her voice was soft. She looked into his eyes.
He slowly nodded, the same softness radiated from his own face.
“Like I’d like to spend the rest of my life with you.” She blushed slightly at her own words.
He raised his eyebrows and nodded, the confirming grin told her.
“Us? Together? Long term?” she said.
He felt excitement tingle through her. He felt relief.
“Yep,” he said softly.
“The works?” she said to be sure.
“Yep,” he repeated.
“Wow.” She was silent for a few minutes digesting the prospect. “When do we start?”
“Start what?”
“Our relationship,” she was jumping ahead.
“I thought we had,” he said.
She kissed him her mouth opening over his.
“Mmm, I suppose so,” she said peeling her lips from his only enough to let the words out. She sank her tongue into the depths of his mouth. “I’ve dreamed about waking up in bed with you.”
His lips moved to her ear and down her neck.
“I’ve dreamed about doing more than that with you,” he said nibbling at the base of her neck with his lips and retracing his path to her mouth.
She pulled away from him. Holding his hand she dragged him toward the bedroom.
“I guess we’d better find out if we’re sexually compatible,” she smiled from under her eye-lashes.
He knew they would be as surely as he’d take his next breath.
He knew too that before the night ended they’d proclaim their love for each other. It would be the real start of their life together.
He couldn’t think of a more perfect beginning.

The End

By Diane L Wood

It’d be fantastic of you to make any comment about the serial.
Many thanks for reading it!

My Bio: http://write-intention.com/Diane_L_Wood.html
A Short Short Story: http://easywaytowrite.19.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=9
A Short Short Story: http://ancientearthashortstory.blogspot.com/
My Fun Page: http://easywaytowrite.19.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=47

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Episode: 61 A Creepy Pair

Episode 61


“What’s wrong?” Cindy said into his neck.
She’d called him as she left work and sensed from his response that there was trouble. She’d called in home, grabbed two of her dinners from the freezer and hurried over. He’d opened the front door to her and pulled her into his arms.
Now she felt his body warmth, his breath on her shoulder, his strong arms around her. His silence and physical rigidity worried her.
“It was awful,” he said at last.
She backed away a little keeping her arms around him.
“I saw the two ladies being murdered.”
Cindy thought he might cry or vomit, or both.
“You mean in your mind’s eye?”
He nodded.
“I’ve never been exposed to violence other than movies or TV. They’re not real,” he said taking her hand leading her into the kitchenette.
A frown shadowed his face.
“My family is passive. So am I.” He took the containers from her and put them on the bench.
“How am I supposed to cope with extreme real violence?” Still holding her hand, he lead her to the couch, motioned her to sit and carefully seated himself beside her.
“The crime you saw, happened, you can’t do anything about it,” she said laying on her back, her head in his lap. His face, in fact, his whole body was tight as the strings of a guitar. She went on. “It’s a re-run that’s all.”
She liked his fingers playing with strands of her curls. She firmly clasped his other hand.
“You’ve got to separate yourself from it and move on,” she said.
“Easy for you to say. You didn’t see the… “ no he’d not tell her the gory details. “ …it.”
“Do you believe strongly that what you’re doing will prevent at least some crime, save some peoples lives?”
“Then ignore the nitty gritties. Distance yourself from it.”
“Where did you get ‘nitty gritties’?”
“My grandparents.”
“Edith used to say it,” he said. She was probably smugly looking down on him if that were possible. He didn’t believe the ‘life after death’ concept.
“Is she less than 160centimetres tall with short permed grey hair? Wears a floral dress, a hand knitted cardigan and black flat healed shoes?”
“You knew her, before she died?”
“Arhh, no.” It was time to tell him the rest. “I see people on the other side.”
“The other side of what?”
“After they’ve died, I see them on the other side.”
“Spirits,” she nodded. She was conscious of his thighs under her head as she did so.
Synch gazed off into the distance.
“Does it creep you out? Is it going to affect, us?” She wasn’t sure how he’d take it.
He laughed.
“You’re kidding right?”
“No,” she said hesitating.
“Think about it,” he rumbled with laughter. “Seeing a person’s whole life in my mind is creepy. So why would I think… ” he laughed.
She got it and smiled widely. “We’re a creepy matching pair.”


By Diane L Wood

My Bio: http://write-intention.com/Diane_L_Wood.html
A Short Short Story: http://easywaytowrite.19.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=9
A Short Short Story: http://ancientearthashortstory.blogspot.com/
My Fun Page: http://easywaytowrite.19.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=47

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