Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Episode 46: Beneficiary?

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Episode 46


The detectives scrutinised the area at a busy truck-stop near Seymour. The site was clear of suspicious looking characters like Ryan Sturges.
A breakfast of crisp bacon, eggs, fried tomato and tea was going down well when Synch’s mobile rang and displayed the caller I.D. He went to move away and take the call where it wouldn’t disturb the other’s while eating. David motioned him to stay put.
“Jenny!” said Synch. He listened. “I’m not late. I won’t be in today… …she won’t be in either.” He looked at Cindy.
The others kept eating.
“Open it and read it to me,” he said. He listened some more and said goodbye.
“Apparently I’m sole beneficiary of the estate of the late Edith Buchanan,” he said. “Strange. I was only her neighbour. Why didn’t she leave it to her son David or some other relative?” he thought aloud.
They ate in silence.
Their mind activity clogged the surrounding atmosphere.
The morning sun streaming through the window failed to warm the chill of their thoughts.
The last morsel cleaned from his plate and Will could stand it no longer.
He voiced the dominant question.
“Does David Buchanan own a gun?”


By Diane L Wood

My Bio: http://write-intention.com/Diane_L_Wood.html
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A fun Page: http://easywaytowrite.19.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=47

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