Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Episode 45: Morning Shock

Episode 45


Synch shot out of bed.
David and Will had guns drawn as Synch met them in the kitchen.
“What was that,” Cindy whispered from the bedroom doorway.
David pursed his lips and held his straightened index finger vertically instructing silence.
He pointed to the ceiling.
Synch glanced at his watch.
It was after eight.
The four stood as still as the eerie precursor to a violent storm.
Five minutes went by.
No noise.
Will moved silently to a front window and angled himself to look out the window at the side of the curtain without touching it. Curtain movement would give them away.
David was at the front door, hand on the door-handle.
They waited another five minutes.
No noise.
Slowly David turned the door-handle. He eased the door open the width of an eye.
A ray of morning light lay straight and flat across the floor.
He opened the door a tad more and breathed out heavily, shoulders relaxed.
Holstering his gun he opened the door wide and hooked his thumb toward the massive old gum tree two metres from the entry. The white trunk glistened in the morning light.
“It dropped a branch on the roof,” he said.
A gnarled leafless branch dangled over the edge of the roof guttering.
Floating in on a gentle breeze came the raucous laugh of a nearby kookaburra.
None of them thought it was funny.


By Diane L Wood

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  1. What a tense moment! That was SO much fun--don't you just love it when those kinds of things happen in a story? (Obviously, or you wouldn't have written it, right?)