Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Episode 41: Co-incidence?

Episode 41


“Probably a co-incidence,” said Synch.
“Did you have a run in with him?” asked David.
“Everyone did,” Synch answered. “He stole from me and I fronted him about it. Lots of kids did. It was a regular occurrence for him. If you’re thinking vendetta, he’d have to spread it around with half the students of the school.
“Can you think of any reason he’d single you out?” said the detective.
“None,” said Synch after a moments thought. “The kid was a creep and about as welcome as warts. Everyone agreed.”
“Did you just make that up, about warts,” said David.
“No. I came up with it in one of my few creative moments at school,” Synch laughed.
“Did he know you made it up?” said Will Brown.
“Pr-o-b-ab-ly,” Synch. The hum of the motor and flash of car lights in the black country night didn’t re-shape their one combined conscious thought.
“Ahhh, no-o-o,” said Synch. “Ryan wouldn’t be after me for a little thing like that.”
David cut in to the car’s hum.
“People have killed for less.”


By Diane L Wood

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  1. Too funny! Where do you come up with this stuff?