Sunday, March 22, 2009

Episode 40: Instant Recall

Episode 40


A few more corners and the engine’s pitch signaled high speed and a smooth flat road.
“Where are we going?” said Synch.
“A remote place in the country, near Seymour,” said David.
“Seymour’s an hours drive up the Hume Highway. Do we have to stay on the floor all the way?”
“You can get up now,” David answered. He glanced back at the vehicles behind them. Synch looked too. A stream of bright headlights struck the backs of his eyes. His pupils hadn’t adjusted to being out from under the blanket. He blinked the pain away.
Synch and Cindy clicked on their seat belts.
The four sat silently each in their own thoughts about what had happened and what was ahead.
“David, what’s the name of the suspect we observed packing his car boot?” Synch asked.
“Ryan Sturges. You know him?”
Recall was instant.
“I went to primary school with a Ryan Sturges. He spent a lot of time with the headmaster. The kid liked hitting girls and taking other kids property. No-one liked him. He had a slightly turned eye and was fat, nothing like the skinny guy we watched,” said Synch.
“Even though he’s thin now he’s still got the turned eye,” said David.
Synch and Cindy looked at each other. The headlights glaring in from behind revealed one shared thought on their faces.
This can’t be good.
She took his hand and held it firmly.


By Diane L Wood

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  1. This is torture! I can't stand the wait...but it sure is good!

  2. Coming right up!