Sunday, March 29, 2009

Episode 42: Seymour in the Dark

Episode 42


The car slowed as Will veered left along the off-ramp towards Seymour.
“Ryan Sturges has been convicted on several counts. None of them involved a fire arm,” said Will Brown. “You said you saw him murdering two women. How did he do it?”
“With a knife,” said Synch. He looked at Cindy and winced. “Gruesome.”
“His convictions involved inflicting knife wounds,” Will continued.
“He might have got hold of a gun,” David added. “But it doesn’t fit his MO.”
“You think someone else took pot-shots at us?” said Synch.
“It’s possible,” said David.
They turned right. The sleeping town was eerie under flourescent street lights. At the other side of town they returned to darkness.
The dirt road came up on their right. Will drove slowly. They bumped along the single lane track and stopped in front of a small cement sheet bungalow.
“We’re home kids,” said David. His humour was lost on the others.
They got out of the car and examined the nondescript building.
“Are you sure this is safe?” said Synch.
“As sure as we can be,” said David.
Cindy came to Synch and held his hand.
Her hand was cold.
He felt her tremble.
He wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

By Diane L Wood

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  1. Hi, Diane!

    We're going to have to stop meeting like this! (LOL!)

    I love it! It's getting better and better. I just wish the chunks were bigger because I HATE to stop reading! :o(

    Hey, have you even looked at MY blogs yet? I was just curious. I have three: one is for family, sewing, travel, and that kind of stuff: (Cynde's Daybook) The next one is political: (Usurper Exposed). The one that I'd really like YOU to look at is the one in which I put my writing/author stuff: (Cynde's Got The Write Stuff)

    Thanks and I'll see you next time. If you're too busy to look at my blog, I'll understand, and no hard feelings--honest!


  2. Thanks Cynde, again, for your comments.

    I have read your political blog. You write clearly and succintly. Haven't had time to read the others. I intend to but at the moment I have an interstate visitor. My lovely sister is here for about ten days. We do a lot together. It's great fun.

    It's wonderful being in contact with you Cynde. I hope we can continue to do so. I shall post the next episode in a few days. I purposely keep the episodes short so readers can just log on and have a quick read. It's all about time these days Cynde. There never seems to be enough of it.

    Till next time