Sunday, March 22, 2009

Episode 39: From Under the Blanket

Episode 39


Powerful strobes lit the front and back of the house like pyrotechnics on New Years Eve.
“Come on,” David said to Synch and Cindy. He hurried them out the back door to a waiting unmarked car and shoved a blanket at them.
“Get down on the floor and cover yourselves,” he said opening the back door for them. “We’ve got to get you away before news teams arrive.”
They did as instructed and felt the car backup then take off.
“Ever been on a first date like this before?” came from under the blanket.
“Um, n-o. I was involved in a serious car accident on a date once. That was a second date. Then there was the restaurant fire, also a second date. The robbery under gunpoint, it was a third date. Poor guy was a mess.”
Synch digested the info for a few minutes.
“Anything else?”
“Minor things like hot coffee spills in laps, twisted ankles from falling down stairs and losing car keys in the Yarra River.”
“All those things happened to you?”
“Not me, no. My dates.”
“While you were with them?”
“Can we get up now David,” said Synch. “I’m sweating under here.”
“We’re almost there,” said David unsuccessfully hiding a snicker.
“Are all your dates – eventful?” Synch asked.
“Only the first few, I think. Most guys don’t risk a repeat performance and ask me out again, except for one, so it’s hard to say.”
“It’s very hot under here David,” said Synch.
“I can imagine,” said David under his breath.
“What?” said Synch.
“I’m turning up the air con,” David said out loud.
They all lurched sideways as Will Brown cornered too fast.


By Diane L Wood

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