Monday, March 16, 2009

Episode 37: Fantastic

Episode 37


‘Thtck!’ Glass broke and scattered under a window.
“Get down,” David ordered drawing his gun.
They all hugged the floor.
Someone reached up and killed the lights.
“What was that?” said Synch from the floor.
“Gunfire,” came a chorus of three voices in the dark.
Synch was still holding Cindy’s hand. He slid closer and half laid on her shielding her from the direction of the broken window.
“You okay?” he whispered.
The noise came from inside Cindy.
“Apart from being half squashed, half fed and in shock knowing you know all my intimate details when we virtually don’t know each other, I’m bloody fantastic,” she snapped.
“Oh, sorry,” he answered.


By Diane L Wood

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  1. This is SO good! I bet I'm your biggest fan! :o)

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments Cynde. Sorry I haven't answered any of them but they have only just shown up on my screen. Not sure what the go is there!

    I'll deffinitely get on with writing it now. Had a bit of a slack spot. Thought the story mustn't have been very good.

    Thanks again for your wonderful encouragement.