Friday, March 13, 2009

Episode 36: Will Predictions Happen?

Episode 36


“Officers Fran Teddington,” the plain clothed woman nodded at Cindy and Synch, “and Brett Macchan will take the first shift,” said David. Brett half smiled at them.
The main room must have been a ball-room in the house’s hey day. Now it was fitted out with stretchers, bedding and tea making paraphernalia.
“Is this really necessary?” Synch asked.
“Unfortunately yes,” said David.
“I don’t see anything in my future that suggests I’ll be attacked or murdered.”
He looked hard at Cindy.
“Or Cindy,” he added.
“How sure are you that people aren’t able to change their future?” said David.
“The department consults with other psychics and they agree it’s possible to do so,” Will Brown said.
“It’s a bit new to me. I’m only sure that what I see at that moment will happen,” said Synch. “I guess if I told someone they’d have a car accident at a particular time at a particular place they could stay home in bed that day.”


By Diane L Wood

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