Friday, March 20, 2009

Episode 38: ... A ... Bit ... Heavy

Episode 38


“Stay down,” said David.
“No argument here,” Cindy mumbled into Synch’s shoulder.
“… four gunshots,” said David into his mobile phone. “Immediate assistance… “
Synch spread himself over Cindy.
“You’re … a … bit … heavy,” she forced out from under his weight.
He rested his forearms on the floor either side of her and raised himself slightly.
Her hair smelled like some kind of flower.
Her body was warm and firm.
His natural physical reaction was evident to them both.
“If this is your idea of foreplay,” she said. A snicker came from the darkness. “I must warn you I don’t have sex on the first date,” she whispered.
More snickers.
“I don’t usually flatten my dates, unless you count the time…”
“What?” Cindy stiffened.
“Just kidding,” said Synch.
A rash of distance sirens grew suddenly louder. Blue light flashed in through gaps at the sides of the dusty faded curtains.
“The cavalry?” said Synch to anyone in the room.
“And your taxi to your next new home,” said David.


By Diane L Wood

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