Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Episode 25: An Hour To Go

Episode 25


The buzz of the electric shaver muffled four sharp raps. Synch closed his bath robe across the front of him and tied it as he strode to the front door. He didn’t need interruptions. He’d pickup Cindy in an hour.
Waves of excited anticipation washed through him when he thought about their date.
Two head and shoulder shapes rippled through the patterned glass panel at the top of the door. Before he’d threw back the bolt he knew who they were.
“Gentlemen,” said Synch. “Come in.”
David Finestra and Will Brown followed him into the lounge-room.
“We’d like to ask you about the alleged murderer you say will strike again,” said David.
“I’ve told you all I know,” said Synch.
“How did you, shall we say, glean this information?” asked Will Brown.
“I stare at a person for thirty seconds and their details start pouring into my brain,” he explained. No need to be too specific he thought.
“And you only saw the alleged for a minute on TV?” said David.
“It was just over the half minute. I didn’t get much,” Synch nodded.
The detectives glanced at each other.
“If you looked at him for longer would you get more info?” said David.
“Y-e-a-h,” said Synch slowly.
“How long would you need to stare at him to get the details we want?” said Will.
“A few minutes maybe,” he answered. “What did you have in mind.”
“We’d like you to come with us to his place.”
“You mean I’d be face to face with a murderer?”
“Not exactly,” said David. “But you need to come now.”


By Diane L Wood

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