Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Episode 24: Dark As Liquid Coal

Episode 24


At home before he left for work the thought of getting Cindy alone at work was easy. Now looking out his office window into the factory his objective seemed distant.
It was nearly lunchtime. Cindy always had lunch in the lunch-room, with the others. Then back to the job, with the others. The same with tea-breaks and knock-off time. Oh hell! She was never alone at work.
Jenny knocked on the door and barged in with Cindy in tow.
“You wanted to see Cindy,” said Jenny. She smiled like a she cat returning home from a successful night out.
“I did?” he said.
Jenny’s grin widened as she left the room.
“Um, oh yes, I did,” he said moving to his chair.
Clunk! His knee collided with the corner of the desk.
“Oops,” he laughed stupidly. “Have a seat.” he indicted the chair opposite his and sat down himself.
Cindy made herself comfortable.
“Have I done something wrong?” she asked. A slight crease furrowed her forehead.
“No, no,” he said. God, her eyes were dark like liquid coal.
He picked up the pen and started clicking.
Her expression changed to ‘well what is it?’
“Um, I was just wondering.” He cleared his throat. “Um, … if … um, … whether you’d like to have dinner some time?”
Her eyes widened, eye-brows raised.
“But if you don’t want to that’s fine too,” he added. “I mean it’s not going to make any difference at all to our working relationship.”
She stared at him. One side of her mouth curved up so slightly he almost missed it.
It was getting hot in here. His face was red. He felt damp all over.
The curve of her mouth spread across her face.
“That would be very nice,” she said.
“Good, good,” he said. Yep, eyes dark as liquid coal. He could sink right into them.
She looked quizzically at him.
He hadn’t noticed the silence was extending.
“Do you want to make a particular time?” she asked half laughing.
“Sure.” Perhaps wait a day or two he thought. Don’t want to overwhelm her.
“Does tonight suit you?” she asked.
“Yeah, great!”


By Diane L Wood

My Bio: http://write-intention.com/Diane_L_Wood.html
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