Thursday, February 19, 2009

Episode 26: Not Tonight

Episode 26


“Not gunna happen guys,” said Synch shaking his head.
“We’ve been tipped-off. The alleged intends to do a runner tonight," said David. “We need your assistance now.”
“No,” said Sync firmly.
“Look we can’t make you come with us,” said Will. “It’s up to you.”
“You won’t be in any danger. You’ll observe from a distance,” added David. “It won’t take long.”
“We’re not even sure this psychic stuff is for real,” said Will.
“In less than an hour I have a date with a beautiful woman,” said Sync.
The pair watched him silently.
“It’s our first date,” he added.
The pair nodded slightly.
“She’s important to me.”
The detectives stared at him.
He remembered Edith’s words.
'You don’t have to act on the information you receive.'
On this occasion, if he didn’t…
Sync took a deep breath.
“How far away is he?”


By Diane L Wood

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