Friday, February 20, 2009

Episode 27: Undercover

Episode 27


“Cindy I’m really sorry,” said Sync into his mobile phone. “Something unavoidable has come up.”
“Oh,” she said.
“Would you mind if we postponed till tomorrow night?”
“If you’d rather cancel, it’s fine by me,” she said.
“No, no no! I don’t want to cancel. I’ll explain over dinner,” he said.
Will Brown looked him in the eye and shook his head.
“As best I can,” Sync added.
“She’s not overjoyed about it,” said Synch tucking his phone in his pocket.
“S’pose not,” said David.
The three left Sync’s house in an unmarked police car.
It was the dark end of twilight when they pulled up in an inner suburban street an hour later. Gnarled old trees lined the edge of the bitumen. The small weather-board houses, most neat and well kept, huddled shoulder to shoulder with a side walkway at every second building.
Will pulled out a road map.
“Are we lost?” asked Synch.
“No. This is our cover,” said David.
Both detectives pretended to read the map making sure they held it up enough for the outside world to see.
“The house opposite with the broken picket fence is where he lives,” said David pointing at the map appearing to concentrate on the spot.
“Is the car parked out the front his?” asked Synch.
“Yeah. Apparently he’s been packing a lot of gear in it all afternoon,” said David not looking up.
“That’s him,” said Synch. He‘d seen the alleged on TV and remembered his face.
Will looked up briefly then resumed scanning the map.
“Yeah,” he said.
The man carried a bloated over-night bag in each hand.
Synch stared at him from the rear seat. The man opened the car boot and lifted the bags in one at a time. The boot was already chockers. He moved things around to make room.
A bubble of white light formed around him.


By Diane L Wood

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