Sunday, February 22, 2009

Episode 28: The Not Explanation

Episode 28


He picked her up on time.
“I’m really sorry about last night,” he said accelerating around the corner.
“It’s okay,” she smiled. She looked at him expectantly.
He glanced at her. On the outside she was fine about it. On the inside she wanted an explanation.
“It was something that had to be attended to immediately,” he tried to explain without actually explaining.
She nodded.
He had to tell her something.
“It was police business,” he said feeling as if he was standing in quicksand.
She looked worried and moved as far away from him as her seat belt allowed.
“Sounds like trouble,” she said.
“I’m not in any trouble,” he frowned. He was sinking fast.
“I had to help them with something that couldn’t wait. I’m not supposed to tell anyone about it yet,” he added feeling the quicksand rise to his waste.
“Secret spy stuff,” she said still looking out the side window.
“Sort of. Yeah you could say that.”
“Good to hear,” she murmured looking out the side window. “Are you in any danger?”
His peripheral vision caught the swing of her head in his direction.
“No. I just help a bit.” It even sounded lame to him.
She crossed her arms over her midriff.
The quicksand was up to his neck.


By Diane L Wood

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