Sunday, February 15, 2009

Episode 23: Just Do It!

Episode 23


“Have you asked her out yet?” said Jenny with jacket and handbag in hand.
“Why would I do that?” said Synch. No need to ask who she was talking about.
She rolled her eyes.
“Your eyes and mouth go soft and mushy whenever you look at her.”
He pretended to study the sheet of paper in his hand.
Jenny looked over his shoulder and snatched the paper from his fingers.
“Have you got invisible re-assembling vision?”
“Take another look,” she held the paper up.
It was blank.
“Oh.” His face reddened.
“You’ve been late for work everyday for two weeks. Your mind isn’t on the job,” she said. “Mind you an employee such as myself can’t tell her boss off for being late. It’s just that you’re normally always early for work and acutely on the ball.”
Synch ran fingers through his hair.
“You want to ask her out don’t you?” said Jenny.
“Yeah.” He picked up his re-tractable ball-point pen and clicked again and again.
“Stop agonising over it and just do it,” she ordered.
He thought for a moment.
“I don’t want to stuff it up,” he said. Jenny didn’t know what he knew about his future. Theoretically establishing a relationship with Cindy should be easy and event free, and last a lifetime. In reality theory was useless if she didn’t like him.
“In the past… “ he started.
“None of those women were right for you,” she cut in. “There wasn’t the right chemistry.”
Synch bit his lip.
“Look, not finding out one way or the other is worse than either possible outcome,” she said.
“Yeah,” he agreed. “Mum.”
“I’m not old enough to be your mother.” Jenny smiled. “See you tomorrow.”
She closed the door behind her.
Alone at his desk clicking the ball-point pen with his thumb he knew it was time.
He would ask Cindy out.
He would.
His mouth was dry, hands sweating.


By Diane L Wood

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