Saturday, February 14, 2009

Episode 22: Confirmed

There was no episode yesterday. The moment I sat down to log on thunder rumbled around me. The risk of damage to my computer from lightening is not something I take lightly. My computer had a restful half day off.

Here's the next episode:

Episode 22


“Our application to keep him in custody was denied. It’s his first offence. He’s out,” came the voice from the phone.
Six weeks after his interview with the detectives Synch had almost forgotten about it. The phone call hadn’t surprised him.
“What are you going to do?” he asked.
“We’d like to know the details of the supposed victims you mentioned,” said David Finestra. “We might be able to give them protection around the date you mentioned.”
“I can’t help you with that. I don’t know addresses or names,” he said. Thinking the release of the murderer prompted a change in the detectives’ mind’s he asked, “Why have you decided to believe me?”
It lengthened.
Synch thought the phone line had disconnected.
“My son is six and a half,” said David.


By Diane L Wood

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