Thursday, February 12, 2009

Episode 21: A hint of a smile

The bushfires in Victoria have claimed 181 lives to date. Searches for more deceased are continuing in outer reaches as conditions become safe. The tragedy has brought shock and horror far and wide. From this Australians stand united helping those affected. Many many people are pitching in, doing what they can to help, if not physically then by donation of supplies or money. The effort is mammoth.
It's heartening to watch.
Makes me feel proud to be Australian.

Episode 21


The next week ended. It had been exceedingly busy. Synchro watched Cindy’s efforts improve beyond belief. By Friday she not only processed orders correctly she was a step a head for the next one.
“All the new employees have worked well this week,” said Jenny Slacks. “Even Cindy.”
“I noticed,” said Sync. “Did you find out what was troubling her?” He was fishing. He’d promised himself he wouldn’t do that. It was none of his business. He’d seen Cindy’s forced smile when talking to the others. It was obvious something was going on.
“Something about splitting up,” she answered.
“Oh.” He tried to sound sad for Cindy.
A hint of a smile gave him away.

By Diane L Wood

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  1. My family's prayers go out to all the victims' families, the emergency workers, volunteers and anyone else who has been affected by the horrific tragedy of the recent brushfires in Victoria, including you, Diane. I can see that this has touched your heart deeply, just as any tragedy within my country touches me. In fact, Australia is one of our closest and dearest friends and allies, and when something like this happens to Australia, our precious, sister country, we mourn deeply, too. God bless all of you...our hearts are joined in prayer with yours.