Monday, February 9, 2009

Episode 20: Personal Problems

The death toll for the Victorian fires is up to 173. The horror scenes on last nights TV reports cannot begin the reflect the ongoing suffering those involved will bear.
I am thankful and fortunate my family members are safe.
This story seems so trival in light of the weekend's events.
Nevertheless, here's the next part:


At work Jenny Slatts updated Sync on the new employees. All had picked up procedures quickly in one day. Cindy however was hopeless. Her eagerness and smile of expectancy from the day before had vanished. She stuffed up at least one part of every order she processed.
“What do you want to do about her?” said Jenny.
“Keep her on for a week. She might come good,” said Sync. He knew details about her but he wasn’t a mind reader. He hoped it was just first day nerves.

At the end of the week he called Cindy into his office.
“I can do better,” she said. “I’m having a few personal problems at the moment. I know my work has been atrocious. I will do better.”
Her eyes shone with tears. Her down-turned mouth begged to be kissed and consoled. He didn’t have the heart to dismiss her.
How could he sack the woman he’s supposed to hook up with anyway?
Jenny had worked for him for years and knew Synchro was ruthless when it came to employees. They had to work as hard and as good at their job as he did. Anything less and they were out the door.
Jenny wouldn’t understand his decision.
“I’ll give you another week. If you haven’t got the job down pat by then I’ll have to let you go.”
She nodded. A tear slid down her cheek.
She left the room and Sync filled with self-doubt. Maybe she wasn’t the one. He’d only ever gone out with women who were confident. Cindy was the opposite. He didn’t like the characteristic. It was too insecuring. Maybe all this inner knowledge stuff was rubbish.
One thing was certain.
The thought of never seeing her again turned his gut.


By Diane L Wood

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