Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Episode 15: The Letter


My Dear young friend,
these words will be my last to you in this physical realm. You have begun a new segment of your life and it will scare the pants off you. You will get used to it. You can turn it off but my advice is to use it to enhance your life. Turning it off will take you back to your stagnant old life and you won’t meet that special woman.
Remember Synchro, you don’t have to act on any information you receive. It’s up to you.
I wish you a happy future
Yours sincerely
Edith Buchanan

Her words sat heavily around the empty space inside him.
He pulled out a bottle of red wine from the cupboard and eased out the cork.
Lifting the half-filled glass skyward he said,
“To your memory Edith.”
The liquid warmed his throat. He put the glass on the counter. He felt weighed down by the loss of his friend and the emergence of this unwanted thing. He needed sleep.
Vague thoughts of standing on a cliff with the old Sync pushing him forward into fog drifted away as his head hit the pillow. It was soft and cool under his skin. The coolness was quickly replaced with comforting warmth.
He slept soundly.
Tomorrow he’d need to be sharp as a whip.


By Diane L Wood

My Bio: http://write-intention.com/Diane_L_Wood.html

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