Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Episode 16: That's Weird


“We have fifty percent more orders than we had this time last year. With the same number of people we’re not going to cope. Can you put on more staff?” said Jenny Slatts.
“Yeah, okay,” said Sync.
He’d seen it coming. His business had grown rapidly since his first attempt at internet sales ten years ago. The first few years he learned a lot and spent every waking hour developing a system and sourcing the best suppliers. Then he needed help and began employing people.
Currently there were 31 people on his payroll and he needed more.
And he’d gradually cut back his hours: he finished at five like the others.
“Contact the employment agency,” he said to Renee. “We have four positions available.”
“That’s weird,” said his receptionist.
“What do you mean?” said Sync. He didn’t look at her for long. He discovered that the psychic thing only kicked in if he looked at a person for longer than thirty seconds. It was good to have some control.
“There’s someone waiting in the foyer to see you. She’s after a job. Said she can do anything.” Renee frowned. “She said she was here for THE position available. I said there wasn’t any, which up until a moment ago there wasn’t. She’s been waiting for half an hour.”
“Oh,” said Sync eyebrows raised at her. He held eye contact for twenty seconds only. “You’d better send her in,” he said opening his office door.


By Diane L Wood

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