Monday, February 2, 2009

Episode 14: After the Farewell


There were a lot of people at the funeral. Obviously she had been well liked. After the service Sync conveyed his condolences to family members and left. He didn’t want to watch as his friend was laid in a hole in the ground. He preferred to remember her as she was when she was lively and smiling. All those cups of tea she’d made and shared with him were happy memories. She always made him feel welcome. Her cheerfulness and kindness when he was troubled, and her unending interest in his life made her special.
He’d miss her for many reasons.

He’d gone back to work after the funeral. He wanted to occupy his mind. He concentrated on receiving stock from suppliers and allotting the goods to the appropriate shelves. Shelves filled the factory to the rafters. He used an electric forklift to stack goods up high. He didn’t usually do the hands on work. Today was different. He needed to do something out of the norm in line with the earlier part of the day. It worked. He was surprised when the others told him to go home. It was five o’clock.

At home the unopened letter lay on the kitchen counter. He tore the top off and pulled out the sheet of paper. The writing on the plain piece of paper was in longhand. The words joined together with slightly jagged lines as if written by a shaking hand.
He sat down and began to read.


By Diane L Wood

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