Friday, January 23, 2009

Episode 4: Read It From the Bottom Up!

If you'd like to know how today's episode got to where it is, read this page from the bottom upwards.
I'm not sure where the main character is headed, I just know he's got a lot to deal with in an unusual way.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


He stood up holding the child and helped the mother to her feet. Both females were coughing. Sync was red faced trying to subdue the urge to cough. They hurried onto the street. Must have been bloody hot in the house. The street air cooled his skin. The midsummer day was sweat inducing when he entered the house. Now his armpits, in fact all over was burning dry.
The grandmother weeping with relief swept the child from Sync’s arms. Ambulance officers helped the mother and grandmother to their vehicle.
“You’d better come with us too,” said one to Sync. He looked down at his torn shirt and further to his blood spotted torn jeans.
“Looks bad but I’m fine.”
“Maybe so. We’d like to check you.”
Sync nodded vaguely and followed.
Oxygen masks were fixed over mouths and noses helping the smoke filled lungs to clear. Bottles of water were thrust into the hands of the three.
Emergency and rescue officers fixed hoses in position and doused the flames which leaped from the back of the house. Smoke billowed from under eaves and out windows. The old wood of ancient house was perfect fodder for hungry flames.
Sync gazed at the action around him.
Why did Judy drop him?


By Diane L Wood

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  1. * sad, but so real that he would be thinking of Judy at a time like that. This is really good, Diane!