Thursday, January 22, 2009

Episode 3: ...Continuing right along...

I've just realised these posts are listed with the most recent first. (Well duh!) Obviously my story will appear back to front. Does anyone know if I can reverse the presentation of posts?
If not 'Welcome to my serial in reverse.'


Smoke billowed out the top of the door. He took a deep breath, held it and bending low walked toward the screaming and crying. He quickly looked in each room as he passed the doorways. All clear there. The cries of distress changed to coughing. Thick smoke filled the top half of the room. Sync got down on hands and knees. The mother lay on the floor clutching the small child both coughing, gasping for oxygen.
“Give me her,” he shouted above the crackling roaring flames. She let go of the child and grabbed Sync’s t-shirt and pulled. It tore open from side to side. “Roll over, onto your knees. We have to crawl out.” The woman, though tiny, had a big baby bump. She struggled to her side. Sync grasped her clothes in the middle of her back and heaved. She was over.

Angry flames lashed the wall above the stove and across the ceiling. Spitting and popping sparks sprinkled the three as they crawled to the doorway. Scorching heat seared the floor under their hands, their skin, their breath. Sync held the child to his chest with one arm and crawled with the mother. They both passed through the doorway together. His knee found a nail-head sticking up from the board. It stung as it went in. He kept moving. His jeans caught on the nail and ripped down to the hem.

“Keep crawling,” he shouted. Smoke crowded the hall down to their backs. Near the front door he heard sirens and bells getting louder.


By Diane L Wood

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