Saturday, January 24, 2009

Episode 5: The Fact is...


At home, showered and towel covered, he skulled a cold cola and wondered if The Creepy One was home. Better put clothes on before finding out.

He tapped on his neighbour’s door. A few minutes later the door slowly opened.
“Come in,” said the grey haired old lady.
He stepped past her and waited as she secured the door.
“You knew I’d call in didn’t you?” said Sync as he followed her to the kitchen. The hunched figure shuffled to a kitchen chair and sat opposite him.
“I don’t work like that, as I’ve told you many times. I only know what’s happening as it happens, not before,” she sighed. He’d been her neighbour for five years. She’d proved her, unusual, skill time and again yet he’d remained confused.
He looked deep into her pale blue eyes silently asking for yet another confirmation. She obliged.
“You stopped at traffic lights and were robbed. Then you saved a woman and her child from certain death, oh, and Judy gave you your marching orders.”
Sync looked down at his fingers resting on his lap.
“Would you like a cup of tea?” she asked. “You’re a bit dry from the fire’s heat.”
“Thanks,” he nodded. “Tell me again Edith, how do I get out of this endless cycle of dating and being dropped?”
The old lady shuffled around the kitchen filling the electric kettle and preparing the teapot. Her eyes smiled.


By Diane L Wood

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