Thursday, January 29, 2009

Episode 10: No, No, No!


Balancing his day job with his extra-psychical brain-work was exhausting. Three months of ‘practice’ and nothing unusual had happened except brain drain. He was getting bored with it all and tired. He slept so soundly every night he was late leaving for work. He didn’t like hurrying to work. It unsettled his entire day.
At the start of the fourth month his sleep pattern changed. He bounced out of bed each morning full of energy. It lasted throughout the day. His twilight runs extended to double his usual distance. His body felt acutely aware of everything around him. His skin felt the dry atmosphere and sent a detailed evaluation to his brain. It was the same every day no matter what the weather. Sync felt atmospheric variations and deep inside him he sensed change was about to engulf him. He could handle physical changes but this consciousness change was unnerving. The thought excited him and terrified him.

It was the last day of the week. The weekend loomed. He slammed the front door of his flat behind him and started running. He passed people here and there and at first didn’t notice what he saw. Concentrating on his feet as he crossed at the corner where he avoided a series of pot-holes he paused letting a car go by. Off he went zigzagging through back streets racing himself. The air fiddled with his hair, the aroma of dinners cooking in houses he passed tantalised his nose. He stopped briefly, jogging on the spot as he turned around to re-trace his steps. A young man on his front lawn nodded as he picked up children’s toys.
Sync nodded back and watched for a moment. Oh, God! His brain ran in fast-forward. The puffing from his run stopped abruptly. He stood motionless and stared.


By Diane L Wood

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