Friday, January 30, 2009

Episode 11: A Change of Mind

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It was there but not. Sync stared long and hard. The young man ignored him going about toy retrieval duty. Sync saw a feint white light around the young man. He appeared to be in a bubble of white light. A list of details about him ran through Sync’s mind, like a radio on low volume. The information was everything there was to know about the young man. The date he was born, his partner and children’s names, his job, his income, his hobbies, his date of death, everything. Sync’s heart raced. His skin prickled cold and sweaty. He didn’t want to know the personal details of strangers or anyone for that matter. It was none of his business.
He took off at top speed heading for home.
Zig zagging his way back through the streets he passed a woman with a child. He glanced at them. A bubble of white light surrounded them both. Information poured into his mind. She was in early stage pregnancy, though it wasn’t yet visible with a baby bump, and her grandmother was going to die on the 21st of June. The little boy was going to be a commercial pilot and live to be 97 years-old.
Sync looked away and kept running.
An elderly gent walking with a metal walking-stick came towards him. The old man grinned from ear to ear. A white bubble surrounded him. He was 81 and had this morning successfully had sex with his 59 year old wife. The first time since his heart attack five months earlier.
Sync shielded his eyes so he couldn’t see the man. The information kept coming.
Red faced he ran faster than ever before.
He didn’t want to do this.
He had to stop it, turn it off.
How could he shut it down?
His mind screamed,


By Diane L Wood

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