Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Episode 9: Decision Made.


“I’ll do it,” he announced after he settled on Edith’s lounge-room couch. Oddly she made no discernable acknowledgement. He thought the old girl would gloat because she won. “How do I go about it?”
Edith took her time. She looked at him as if she was seeing something that no-one else had privy too. It wasn’t exactly staring. It was more like an appraisal of something Sync wasn’t aware he had. She’d done it many times before. It was creepy. She seemed to sense his discomfort and began speaking.
“You’ve been blocking it for a long time, since you were a child. You need practice and lots of it. Practice making your mind go blank.”
“How do I do that?”
“Start doing it as you drift off to sleep each night. See in your mind a blank slate, a clean page, a TV with the power turned off or something else you can relate to. First thing in the morning as you rouse out of sleep before your day begins, do it again.”
Her instructions went on and on.
His head was spinning as she walked him to the front door. On the top step Sync turned back to her.
“When will this perfect woman come into my life?”
She shook her head.
“Impatience won’t help,” she smiled. “You’ll know the first time you see her.”
Edith closed the door.


By Diane L Wood

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