Sunday, March 1, 2009

Episode 32: Not Finished

Episode 32


Synch sat stock still staring at Cindy then at the phone in his hand.
He’d better do as the detective ordered.
“We have to leave,” he said sliding his chair back.
“But I haven’t quite finished eating.”
“I’m sorry. It’s really important that we get out of here now.”
Confusion began to form a possible reason for David’s call. The man they watched packing bags his boot must have something to do with it.
Synch took Cindy’s hand and hurried to the register to pay for their meals. He glanced about the room looking for the man. Nope, couldn’t see him.
“What’s it all about?” asked Cindy as they climbed into the car waiting at the door.
Before they clicked their seat belts David put his foot down.
They were flung back in their seats.

By Diane L Wood

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  1. Now you're talking! Looks like we're going to see some AC-tion!

    This is really getting so good, Diane. I'm going to send a "Tweet" out to everybody on Twitter and maybe you'll get some more followers, ok?

    Your biggest fan,