Thursday, February 26, 2009

Episode 31: Ending Abruptly

Episode 31


“Mostly book-keeping jobs,” she answered. “And some reception work.”
She delicately broke off small lumps of fish and slid them into her mouth without showing her tongue.
“This is delicious,” she said between mouthsfull. “How’s yours?”
“Mmm. Good,” he lied. His sense of taste went on hold the moment he saw Cindy.
“What do you do after work, to unwind?” she asked.
He had to think about that.
He’d spent every waking hour on the job for years except for the dating that ended abruptly.
“Run. I run everyday.”
“Do you compete?”
“No just do it to keep fit.”
It hit him suddenly. He knew why his relationships had been so short. He was boring. He’d bored them to death. All he was good at was his job. He had no hobbies other than running and that was to ward off health issues caused by sitting in front a of a computer for extended hours.
Geez! He didn’t want to bore Cindy.
How does a workaholic keep a beautiful woman interested?
The restaurant noise blurred into the silence between them.
The jingle burst out from the vibrating phone in his pocket breaking the silence.
Synch smiled apologetically at Cindy as he read the caller name.
It was David Finestra.
“Dav…” he began.
“Don’t say another word. Just get up, walk out front and get in the car with us,” said David.
“Bring her too. Move now!”


By Diane L Wood

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  1. I am enjoying your story so much that I've decided that you aren't writing fast enough to suit me, so HURRY UP! (Just kidding.) :o)

    I do love it, though. I look forward to each new episode and can't wait for the next. The characters are likable and the story is very interesting.

    Keep it coming, Diane!

    Cynde I