Saturday, February 7, 2009

Episode 19: Two Cops and a Murderer


“Tell us again,” said Detective David Finestra. “You don’t know the man but you know he’s going to kill people?”
Sync ran fingers through his hair. They didn’t believe him. He’d been in the interview room for over an hour. The two detectives thought Sync was part of the reported murder until he mentioned psychic. Both of them let Sync ramble on about how he knew things about people.
“Look,” said Sync pissed off about being thought of as a nut case. “That murderer on the news bulletin killed and will kill again. Write this down in your diaries. In three months, five days, eleven and a half hours he’ll murder a woman and her disabled grand-daughter.”
“He’s being held in custody until he goes to court. How is he going to murder anyone while he’s locked up waiting for his case to be heard?” said Detective Will Brown sarcastically.
“I don’t know,” said Sync standing to leave. “If I’m right you’ll have two deaths on your hands that could have been avoided. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry to have wasted your time.” Every cell of his body screamed he was right.
The detectives looked at each other unconvinced.
Holding the door handle Sync looked into David’s face. A bubble of white light appeared around him.
“You were born in 1974, have two children and will have two more. You rent a house and are about to buy your first home. You’re not sure about location because you might be transferred anywhere,” said Sync.
David stared back at Sync.
“Wrong,” he said. “I have one child. The rest could apply to anyone in this station.”
“Your first child is a six year-old boy. Check with your ex,” said Sync. “You have my contact details.”
He left the two staring at each other.

By Diane L Wood

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  1. Hi, Diane.

    At the end, where Synch makes a point of telling the detective that his first child was a "boy," do you think that maybe you should change what the detective says to (changes in bold type):

    "Wrong," he said. "I have one daughter and that's all. The rest could apply to anyone in this station.”

    That way, it will give the statement about the "boy" more impact now and later.

    Just a thought.