Friday, February 6, 2009

Episode 18: Information, Decision, Action

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Episode 18


'What do I do now?'
He’d always thought carefully before taking action. Considering his options was the first step.
'Yeah? Ok, what exactly are my options.'
He could tell Cindy they were going to end up together so she better drop her fiance and start dating Sync. Aside from thinking him a pompous ass she’d reckon he was off his rocker. It’d probably be the last time he’d ever see her.
He could treat her as an ordinary employee. How? She was gorgeous. He went tingly all over at the sight of her.
He could pretend he knew nothing about her. Yeah like not thinking about a pot smoking whale singing Come Fly with Me.
He came up with a dozen other possibilities all of them had outstanding reasons why he should not act.
He decided to let it rest till tomorrow.
A good night’s sleep should bring clarity, he hoped.

He flicked on the TV as he dumped the pizza box on the coffee table. A news story showed an alleged murderer handcuffed and being lead from the crime scene to a police car. Studying the alleged Sync took a bite of pizza. Guilty as hell came into his mind. The man will be released and kill again. His victims will be a woman and her disabled grand-daughter. The pizza suddenly tasted bitter. Sync took a deep swig of cola. Since when did soft drink become tasteless?
He knew as surely as he would take his next breath he had to do something to stop two innocent people being murdered.


By Diane L Wood

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