Saturday, May 16, 2009

Episode 56: The Cat's Whiskers

Episode 56


“Your family’s really nice,” said Cindy.
“Yeah?” said Synch groggily.
“They were very enlightening about your childhood.” She grinned. “The plaits incident had me spellbound.”
He rolled his eyes heavenward.
She was taking new clothes from a carrier bag. She yanked the tags off.
“I overheard some adults talking about a witches spell. What are you doing?” he said.
“Getting you out of here,” she said pulling back the bed covers.
His muzzy head was in no condition to handle an argument. He dragged the side of his body to edge of the bed and rolled off onto his feet. The polished floor was sharply cold on his soles. The room rocked a little.
“Do you need help to dress?”
“I might,” he answered. “How long have I been out?”
“Four hours.” Cindy put one of his arms over her shoulder. “Hang on till you get your balance.”
He liked holding onto Cindy.
With her free hand she went to remove the hospital gown.
“Ahhhh… did you bring underwear?” he said holding the gown around him. “Mine had to be cut off before surgery and binned.”
She pulled two small garments out of the bag and held them up.
“Boxers or jocks?”
“Jocks,” he said.
She ripped off the tag.
“I better put those on,” he said. She handed him the black briefs. He held them out to step into and leaned forward. The room was cockeyed. He clung to the bed. Cindy took the garment from him and helped him step into them. She gently pulled them up under the gown.
‘Could have been a lot more interesting exercise without a thick head and a pain in the arse,’ he thought.
Cindy readied a polo shirt.
“Did you particularly need both of Mesh’s plaits?”
He raised his arms as she pulled the shirt down over his chest.
The pain in his backside had dulled. Standing up increased intensity though it was bearable.
“I was six. Didn’t understand ‘quantity.’”
He leaned forward holding the bed again.
Cindy flicked a pair of jeans out and eased them onto him.
“Oops!” he said wobbling.
“Hold on,” she said wrapping her arm around his torso to steady him. “The medication must have been strong.”
“I think my body over responds.”
She managed to carefully fasten the stud and send the zip slide home.
“Did your spell work?”
He swayed a little.
“Nah! Couldn’t detach the cat’s whiskers. Had to throw the whole lot in the pond. He swam back to dry land and took a swipe at me. The snails didn’t fare so well.”
“Huh ha,” she agreed slipping his blood stained shoes on his feet. “Couldn’t swim in deep water?” she said
She rested his arm over her shoulders.
“Sank like little round stones.”
“Let’s go,” she said aiming them toward the door.
“To my place,” she said.


By Diane L Wood

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  1. Good! You never can get any rest in the hospital, and that's just what you need if you're in there. Isn't that ridiculous?

    I can't wait until the next installment!


  2. Thanks so much for your comments. You are encouraging and motivating, invaluable.
    Yes, I saw your little grandson. He's beautiful! I have ten grandies and each one is super special. From their first breaths they steal your heart, and indeed fill grandparents with an array of wonder, love and increasing delight in watching them grow.

    I'm rapt that you're enjoying my serial. As for publishing it... I wish.
    After attending the Bundaberg Write Fest on Saturday, I don't think there are enough words yet. Publishers want 50,000 to 120,000 words in a manuscript before considering it.
    If I continue with the serial, who knows how long it will be. Also I think the scenes are a bit short for a novel, though it would be easy to fill them out and add more tension etc. The next installment will be posted in a few days.