Sunday, May 3, 2009

Episode 54: Let Them Wait

Episode 54


“If you have someone to look after you for the next five days you can go home,” said Doctor Smyth-Jones after the examination. “Get plenty of rest,” he added before leaving the nurses to re-dress the wound and make Synch comfortable.
Great. He can go home.
The ring tone of his mobile phone was muffled. He opened the drawer of the bed-side table and flicked open the phone on the fourth ring.
Hmm, his favourite detective he thought drolly.
Synch told him the good news.
“You can’t go home,” said David. “It’s a crime scene, a possible homicide. No-one’s allowed in there.”
“I need clothes and toiletries,” Synch protested. “And where am I going to stay?”
“Buy new necessities and check into a motel,” David said. “And… ah, we found two bodies in a housing commission flat in Broadmeadows.”
“Let me guess,” said Synch. The pit of his stomach felt heavy. Chilled goose bumps stippled his skin. “An elderly lady and a younger disabled female?”
“Yeah,” said David. “We still don’t know the whereabouts of Ryan Sturges, which brings me to the next topic. Will you work for the department on a regular basis as a consultant?”
Synch’s mouth hung open unable to emit any sound.
Wh-at… wh-ere… h-ow…?
“Synch? Are you there?”
“Um, yeah.”
“Did you hear what I said?”
“Do you have an answer for me?”
“You must have a lot of faith in this weird thing I do,” said Synch. He wasn’t entirely sure of its accuracy himself.
“My superiors are impressed with your predictions and want you on-board,” said David.
“I need to think about it,” Synch said finally.
Cindy popped her head in the door and saw Synch on the phone. He beckoned her to come in.
“Hi,” he said. He felt a stupid grin on his face as he finished the call and greeted Cindy.
Was there really that glitter stuff, kids used to make drawings sparkle, in her eyes or was his imagination playing games with him?
He held her hand. It was warm and comforting, and, having a surprising effect on his masculine anatomy. Pain in the general region was supposed to quell sexual re-action, wasn’t it?
Cindy bent to kiss him on the cheek. He ran his free hand into her hair at the nape of her neck and gently re-positioned her to brush her lips against his. He held her there. She softly touched his lips again with her own holding the kiss a little longer.
They both heard the door smash open.
“Let them wait,” he whispered against her mouth and kissed her again.
They heard multiple footsteps.
“Synch! Are you okay,” came a confused female voice.
“Obviously not sis. He requires mouth to mouth resuscitation,” came a smart-Alec male voice.
“There’s always later,” Cindy whispered into his mouth.
“Uncle Synch, what are you doing?” came a small high pitched voice.
“So long as now catches up with later,” he whispered and released her.
He blinked twice and held Cindy’s hand tight.
His whole family had crowded into the room.


By Diane L Wood

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  1. Awww...never a moment of privacy, huh?

    That was a really cute scene. I can picture the whole thing in my mind, almost as if I'm standing off to the side, watching them without their realizing it.

    This is such good writing, Diane. I hope it helps (encourages) you to know that you have a fan--ME! :o)