Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Episode 51: Green Blobs

Episode 51


A tongue of balled tissue paper. A dry mouth. Blurry green blobs, moving. Bipping.
“Are you a witch?” Synch asked.
“I don’t think so,” one of the green blobs said.
“It’s the third time he’s asked that,” said another blob.
A body, well part of one.
“How are you feeling?”
Synch lay on his side.
“Can’t feel much,” he answered. His throat was so dry he couldn’t swallow.
His vision cleared quickly. He looked around frowning.
“You’re in post op,” said the male nurse. He checked Synch’s pulse and blood pressure.
“You’ll be taken to a ward soon. We need to keep an eye on you for a while first.”
Synch rolled onto his back.
“Arrrgh!” He quickly rolled on his side.
“Sit-ups will be off your exercise regime for a while,” said the nurse.
Synch winced. The pain lingered.
His stomach rumbled. It felt empty. It was complaining.
“Feel a bit peculiar in the stomach,” said Synch.
“Nauseous?” said the nurse. He strategically placed a stiff rimmed plastic bag under Synch’s mouth just in time to catch the air expelled with each heave. His body continued convulsing in vomitous motion. A brief conversation between the nurses was blotted out by Synch’s involuntary retching.
“This should stop it,” he heard. He felt a sharp prick in his thigh. Minutes later the vomiting stopped.
His eye-lids felt loaded with lead.
“Might make you a bit drowsy,” said the nurse.
“Apparently, I don’t do drowsy,” Synch said as he sank into a sound sleep.


By Diane L Wood

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  1. "Apparently, I don't do drowsy?" I LOVE that line! I am enjoying this SOOOOO much, Diane! :o)

  2. I should try to do this kind of thing one day and post a story with daily episodes. I'll have to wait until after I take my "Easy Way To Write" course that I have lined up, though. I need to get organized!


  3. It's a lot of fun wirting a serial Cynde. I enjoy the discipline, having to write almost everyday. Someimes I write two or three episodes and still post them daily. It allows me to do things like mind grandchildren during school holidays or go away over Easter.
    As you've probably guessed I had no set story when I began, (not even a title) just a vague idea about the main character. Then things began to happen to him and so it's evolved.
    Which Easy Way To Write course are you doing Cynde?
    I've done several. They're all brilliant in their own right. Rob Parnell lead me to start a blog spot. I thank him sincerely for that.
    I'm looking forward to the next course he's cooking up. It's about self editing. I could use some help in that area. I've written the life story of my maternal grandmother. After changing, altering and editing it a gazillion times I'm still not happy with it. The Easy Way To Self Edit (if that's what he calls it) undoubtedly will help.
    Till next time
    Keep writing