Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Episode 34: Everything?

Episode 34


“I, um, kind of…” he started.
The car took another corner. They were flung to the other side.
“Well it’s like this,” he had to tell her he knew that but it felt all wrong. They were supposed to get to know each other first then he’d tell her, gradually.
David turned and faced them in the back.
“He’s psychic Cindy. He knows everything about a person by looking at them.” Then to Synch, “Can’t wait for whatever it was you were waiting for. She’s in this too now.”
Cindy sat rigid, frowning.
“Psychic?” she said. Her mind ticked over. “Everything?”
Synch bit his bottom lip.
“Yeah,” he answered. “What exactly do you mean by ‘this?’” he asked David.
“The suspect you observed with us found out about you. We think some loud mouth cop made jokes about your ‘talent' while the guy was in the holding cell. Our informer says he’s after you.”
“Bugger,” said David.
Cindy was staring into space.
“Everything,” she muttered.
Her face was crimson.


By Diane L Wood

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