Monday, January 26, 2009

Episode 7: Thinking Time


It had been a long day. The TV blared in his little flat. He didn’t hear it. He lay on the couch staring at the dark ceiling. He’d turned off the lights. The glow from the TV screen grew and shrank in the room depending on the scene. Five girlfriends in five years must be some kind of record. He didn’t count the casual dates. Judy lasted the longest, a whole six months. It wasn’t as if he’d grabbed the first woman who walked passed. He’d been selective and chosen interesting lively women to become close to. They apparently thought he was ok at least at the start.
The pattern suggested Edith may be right. If so, doing what she suggested was creepy, like her. She was nice creepy. Asking Mesh and Conrod if they are psychic could be embarrassing. They would think he was nuts. And his parents, he didn’t want to go there. He could resign himself to living alone for the rest of his life. Nah, he liked female company. He so badly wanted a permanent relationship. He didn’t feel complete and he knew what he needed to achieve completion.
Cool midnight air surrounded his heavy body. The touch button on the remote flicked off the TV. He pulled one of the throw pillows from behind his head and held it to his chest. His eyelids drooped. He’d make a decision in the morning. His head would be clear then and he’d know his decision would be the right one.
He hoped.


By Diane L Wood

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